Thursday, 3 September 2009

Modernist Housing Estates in Berlin part 2 - Gartenstadt Falkenberg

Wandering around the Gartenstadt Falkenberg it is clearly evident why its nickname is Tuschkastensiedlung (paintbox estate). The colour of the fa├žades are complimented by the use of contrasting colours of windows, shutters, patios and wooden balconies, all on the summer day of my visit complimented by the beautifully laid out and colourful gardens.

Falkenberg is the oldest of the six Gardenstadt (garden city settlements, modelled on the English garden cities), designed by Bruno Taut and constructed between 1913 - 1916. The first construction phase was the cul-de-sac Akazienhof. Below one of the blocks on this street.

The second phase was the street Gartenstadtweg, which includes 12 groups of houses, each with individual colour schemes. The sloping street is well landscaped, with terraces and well laid out gardens. The apartment blocks all have gardens, originally intended for the occupants to grow their own produce. Below are two of the rows of terraced houses on the street.

Colourful entranceway to one of the blocks on Gartenstadtweg.

More images of Berlins Modernist Housing Estates can be viewed here Berlin Modernist Housing Estates

Photo Gartenstadt Falkenberg, Berlin, Germany

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