Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Hundertwasser School in Lutherstadt Wittenberg

The original school building of the Luther Melanchthon Gymnasium was a rather typical East German style plattenbau, the Erfurt II type, which was commonly used for school buildings throughout the DDR.

In the early 1990's an art project at the school looked at how the appearance of the building could be improved and made more original. The students looked at the work of Austrian architect Friedensreich Hundertwasser, who was invited to be involved with the project. The renovated building was completed in 1999. Keeping with his belief that architects should put their egos aside and work to bring out the vision of their clients, he worked with the school organisation and the students, providing his services free of charge.

Below - the original building has obviously been heightened in places, enabling the characteristic lack of straight lines which are essential to Hundertwasser's work.

Below is the main entrance at the front of the school, with Hundertwasser's trademark tile columns supporting the canopy.

The tower at front left of the building with added balconies. Note the variety of window styles, generally no two are identical, either varying in size or surrounding decoration.

Trees growing within and out of buildings are a typical feature of Hundertwasser's work. Trees were considered to be tenants of buildings and were part of his work to bring nature closer to the building and those living within. The building also has a green roof.

The Erfurt II type building was typically two seperate blocks linked by lower height blocks. Below, the former rigid fa├žade has been altered with typical Hundertwasser features.

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Photos of other work by Hundertwasser can be viewed on www.jwoodhouse.com.

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